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Aboite Continues to Grow, Census

A look back

Aboite Township’s rapid growth and its transition from agricultural to suburban/residential began in the 1950s as the local economy expanded following World War II. During the 1950s the township’s population more than doubled, from only 1,427 people in 1950 to 3,131 in 1960. It doubled again by 1970 and again by 1980, bringing the population to about 12,000 in 1980.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, the lure of “country” living, along with improved roads (US 24) and a new Aboite Township School, attracted young families to a handful of new residential subdivisions, including Brierwood Hills, Rolling Hills, Forest Ridge, Timbercrest, Covington Dells, and others. The completion of Interstate 69 in the early 1960s across the east side of the township including two interchanges encouraged continued development.

Through the following decades, growth accelerated as new housing additions sprang up seemingly along every road. Today, much of the township is fully developed, with residential communities having replaced what had been fertile farm fields and woods. (Contrast the current aerial view with the 1957 view.)

Fort Wayne’s “Southwest Extended” annexation took effect in 2006, encompassing 12 square miles of the township’s east central core (see map). This area comprises 36 percent of the township’s 33 square miles. About 21 square miles—the area around the perimeter and to the west of the annexed area—lie outside the city limits.

What the 2010 Census tells us

The annexed area in 2010 included 25,444 people, representing about 71 percent of the township’s 35,765 population. (Ten percent of the population of Fort Wayne now lives in Aboite Township.) This portion of the township that is within Fort Wayne contains 10,448 housing units, with an average of 2.44 persons per household. Population density is 2,125 persons per square mile.

Aboite residents living outside Fort Wayne total 10,321, occupying 3,950 housing units. The average number of people per household is 2.61. Although many of these homes are within residential developments, much of this area is undeveloped, resulting in a much lower population density of 507 residents per square mile.

For the township as a whole, females outnumber males (51.4% to 48.6%). The median age of township residents is 39.6 years. Children under the age of eighteen (9,963) represent 28% of the population. Estimated median annual household income is $83,000.


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